Neighborhood Nights menu August 29 – 31

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Neighborhood Nights Menu
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday August 29 – 31

It’s Fig Season!!
We’re celebrating with our weekly menu by presenting figs three ways for you – raw in a salad, glazed in the chicken and poached in the dessert. Figs are a great nutritional add to your weekly intake with lots of natural sugars, minerals and antioxidents. And, did you know, 98% of the figs grown in the USA are from Californa?

First Course:
Fig Salad
Fig, prosciutto, parmesan, and mixed delicate greens with honey vinaigrette and herb torn croutons

Glazed Chicken and Figs
Jidori airline chicken breast, Balsamic glazed figs, White rice, Scallion

Spiced fig and vanilla ice cream
Poached figs, Fall spice syrup, vanilla ice cream, fig preserves

$19 ++

Neighborhood Nights Menu

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Neighborhood Nights Menu
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday August 22 – 25

First Course:
Black Bean and Tomato Salad
Queso fresco, garden peppers & oregano, red onion, corn, cilantro, lime juice

Beef Quesadilla
Mozzarella and gruyere cheeses, caramelized onion, cherry tomato and balsamic peppers, served with avocado, sour cream, pico de gallo

Chile brownies and vanilla ice cream

$19 ++

Thursday, July 20 Flight

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Thursday’s Flight, July 20, 2017 $15++

Rosés and Bubbles
We picked the perfect week for this tasting. It’s 100 degrees out there and we are in it now (Texas summer, that is). Come by and cool off with our great tasting tonight!!


Bieler Père et Fils Rosé Reserve, Bandol, Provence
The classic Provence Rosé profile is what every serious winemaker around the
world attempts to mimic and for good reason. Our goal is always to find the
delicate balance between floral, herbal, wild red fruit (not overly ripe) and acid.
Most years, one aspect or another dominates so we work on enhancing the other qualities, but that was not this year. In 2016, the fruit naturally found a beautiful balance between red fruit and the acid structure without either overpowering each other, or the savory, citrus and mineral core.

2016 Sanglier Sun Tusque, Sonoma County
We are fanatics for traditional Rose. Crisp bright, refreshing- summer in a glass. As you pour this wine, fresh picked strawberries, rose water, and hints of watermelon and orange envelop your senses. Take a sip and the strawberry you smelled begins to coat your palate. Subtle flavors build in the mid palate through the finish. Yes, summer in a glass


Mumm Brut Prestige, Napa Valley
Brut Prestige is Mumm Napa’s signature sparkling wine. It is a relaxed, yet elegant, wine that earns sparkling accolades from consumers and critics alike. Brut Prestige features fine bright citrus, red apple, stone fruit and creamy vanilla aromas, with hints of toast, honey and gingerbread spice. Its vibrant flavors are balanced by fine acidity and a rich, lingering finish.

Reginato rosé of Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina
Malbec seems an unlikely hero for a sparkling wine grape, but when you want your rosé to show some real color and character, then Malbec’s your man. Crisp and dry with lovely strawberry, rhubarb flavors and aromas. Just a hint of tannin structure, floral spice, and an amazing elegant finish rounds out the mouth.

Summer 2017 Newsletter

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Summer, 2017

I know, I’ve missed a few months of newsletters. Sorry but I’ve been busy….stop yelling at me!!

We’ve moved most of our more frequent communications to Facebook and Instagram. Photos and videos seems to be the best way to message for restaurants, and we are having fun with it. We have a very talented young lady helping us with our photography and postings so check out her work here:

The best thing about our Texas summers is that fresh fish is readily available around the country. It’s a great way to lighten up the menu but still have a great breadth of offerings. Late May is the startup for Alaskan halibut and Pacific Coast salmon, and it’s also a good time to get our hands on fresh scallops from New Bedford, MA. All of these seafoods are shipped overnight fresh for us. I order on Monday, and they show up Tuesday ready to go!!. And we also have fantastic King crab from Dutch Harbor, AK. It is the only seafood delivered frozen as the season is so short and the catches so large that it is the only and best way to preserve flavor. I promise you cannot get better seafood anywhere in the DFW area than at Sip & Savor.
Combined with a great beef filet and pork tenderloin we have really nice offerings for your enjoyment this summer.

Some of you may not know that we started offering a Neighborhood Night menu every Tuesday through Thursday. This is either a two or three course meal at an unbeatable price and is a great way to get a wholesome midweek meal without having to cook for yourself. Really, far better than a greasy burger! You can find the weekly offering on Facebook and Instagram and our web page at Reservations are usually not necessary but always recommended.

AND, (yes, I’ve got a lot of pent up news) we also have a weekly wine tasting. We call it “Thursday’s Flight” and it is usually selected to go with the week’s Neighborhood Nights menu.

For example, next week we are serving our Akaushi flank steak with Chimichurri and balsamic mushrooms with a dessert of strawberry Ice cream sundae, and our tasting is Colomé Malbec from Argentina, Spring Valley Vineyards “Uriah” from Walla Walla, WA and Ehren Jordan Day Zinfandel from Sonoma County. All three wines are great by themselves and even better with a good steak. You can do one, the other or both and have an enjoyable time. If you have a party of 8 or more we’ll give you private space with a reservation (space available).

I haven’t told you about our new dish preparations or our garden or all of our fabulousd new wines or….but that’s for another time. Thanks for reading this through and hope to see you this summer.

Neighborhood Nights and Thursday’s Flight March 7-8-9

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Price Fixe Dinner

First Course:

Parmesan Breaksticks, antipasti

Second Course:

Medium rare Akaushi flank steak, Balsamic mushrooms, Cabernet pan sauce

Third Course

Spring tart and berries

This dinner is $18 plus tax and grat

Thursday’s Flight March 9

Oh how I love Cabernet in all of it’s beautiful berry splendor!  This tasting will allow you to explore Cabernet of different styles and complexities, and will also show you what the famous “Rutherford Dust” experience is all about.

Great Napa and Sonoma Cabs

2013 Arrowood, Sonoma Valley

2011 Hawkes, Alexander Valley

2013 Titus, Napa Valley

2014 Frog’s Leap Estate, Rutherford, Napa Valley

This tasting is $15 plus tax and grat